Miscellaneous 1922-1945

Ko Verzuu is known for his large trucks and small dollhouse furniture, but the patients in the sanatorium also made a wide variety of other toys. They include: piggy banks, stacking cubes, construction blocks, sulkies and children’s furniture. This overview demonstrates very well how multifaceted Verzuu was.

Image 400, 643, 649, 650, 651, 750, 856 and 881 private collection. Image 503 Trekpias, Aap, Jockey te paard, 714 Dieseltrein, 850 Kegels, 1751 Goudvos, 1850 Olifant, 1852 Hert by CODA Museum / CC BY (published with license on Europeana.eu). Image 511, 514, 863 and 866 collection Jaap Goslings. Image 652 Speelgoed “ado” blokken by Museum Rotterdam – CC BY-SA. Image 1501 and 1810 copyright MidMod-Design. Image 246 and 644 Derksen Veilingbedrijf.

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