The ado stand at the hygiene and food exhibition in Deventer, 1925

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The ado toys catalog

Our ultimate goal is to present a full-color digital exhibit featuring a complete collection of ado toys. However, please note that this project is a work in progress and far from completion. The added items are currently organized into two time periods: from the workshop’s inception in 1922 to the significant shift in product range and numbers in the mid-1940s, and from that point until the closure of the sanatorium in 1962.

1922 – 1945

Discover the ado toys catalog: over 250 unique designs in a wide range of color variations. From 1922 to 1945, the assortment boasted a remarkable collection that captivated the imaginations of children, these timeless creations continue to inspire collectors today.

1946 – 1962

Delve into the ado toys catalog from 1946 onward, as the range underwent a complete transformation. With the introduction of approximately 150 new designs, the collection took on a fresh look, often featuring only a single color combination.